Monday, April 17, 2017

Megamouth Shark Fin

I sway along with Storm Ryland while planting daffodils all around the tree in Howell. That guy needed a little makeover if you ask me, and Storm is an expert arborist who also happens to be a big Joni Mitchell fan, thus launching her to #1 on the not so extensive list of people I like here. The hippies don't believe in the use of modern technology, so they pass the time by singing classic hippie hits including, but not limited to, The Beatles. I am quite enjoying the simplicity in the ideals of these hippies, and seriously begin to consider running away from all the weirdness that is the entire Steve situation. Turns out this man Steve was all wrapped up in the illegal trade of shark fins with the Beijing Buffet, and its owner Paul decided that any man to short him on his order of Megamouth shark fins was better off not being a part of this world.

Steve is okay now though. They took one of his molars, but who really needs all of those anyways? And his hands are on track to heal within the next month or so. I just hope that creeper learned that skimping on loyal clients only ends up getting you buried alive. Anyways that wanker didn't even have the guts to tell me himself, word just spread around town. It's not like I wanna be known as the shy girl who has a psycho shark fin dealer as a host dad. This is exactly why I have decided to run with Storm and her friends.

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